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This is a non-physical product: the electronic design file for the pictured 11.9" by 11.9" concentric rainbow rhinestone heart pattern. It uses 3383 ss10 (approx 3mm) rhinestones. Each concentric layer of the heart shape contains almost exactly the same number of rhinestones as every other layer. The file comes in either .studio3 or .svg formats. In order to receive your product, after you check out, please email with your order number and your desired format, and we'll send you the files via email. Unfortunately my website does not support instantaneous delivery for files of this size, but you will automatically receive a gift of the image used to promote this product as soon as you check out. Don't think that's all you're getting - just follow the directions above and you'll get your files :-) Thank you for appreciating my work!

Concentric Rainbow Heart Rhinestone Digital Design File

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