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Sublime motivation, Serendipitous action

Sublime Serendipity is a not-for-profit business run by an autistic woman who is disabled. It may seem that our priority is to put an image of your loved one on a mug or t-shirt, or to create an award for your best employee - but before we warm up the heat press, we ask ourselves, "How does this serve people and the planet?" We're committed to the future and the people right here in our corner of Seattle: Lake City, Pinehurst, Wedgewood, Sandpoint, and Northgate. We do our best to embody the values of our neighborhood.


Sublimation is a technology that uses heat to impress a gaseous ink to polyester fibers to create a long-lasting full-color photorealistic image on anything that can be coated with polyester - from tiles to shirts to mugs to masks. Unfortunately, though sublimation is a relatively eco-friendly printing process because it uses less water than most printing processes, it still uses polyester, which is a plastic compound - a polymer. Tiny pieces of plastic are even now wreaking havoc in our oceans and bodies. That's why Sublime Serendipity will be donating a third of its profits to the research of biologic plastics digestion. Research has found that some bacteria, caterpillars, and other entities can eat plastic material and may someday provide a solution to plastic pollution. We are banking on breakthroughs to make our business even more sustainable. Out of all the customized gifts you could give your loved ones, please offer one that contributes to solutions for the future!


The remaining two-thirds of our profits will go toward planting forests to offset carbon use and to our local community to fight injustice and inequality. Our employees will be paid more than the average Seattle income and afforded unlimited sick days, four weeks of paid vacation per year, and health insurance. We commit to fight the kyriarchy in all its forms and provide a 10% discount on personal orders to those who face institutional disadvantages.

We are committed to using our economic vestiture as a tool to accomplish positive goals for our society and ecology. Let us know if you think of new ways for us to contribute.

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